Impact Analysis

The following numbers are representative of a skeletal sample app integrated with the Helpshift Unity plugin.

App Launch Time

Since all the Helpshift initialization takes place on a background thread, the Helpshift SDK does not affect app launch times.


SDK payload in your app

The Helpshift android plugin will add 162 Kb to your application's release APK. The 162 Kb size includes total impact with all the resources and code. With the appcompat library which is required for the SDK, it will add around 1MB of size.

Method count

The Helpshift SDK X will add 1088 methods to your dex:

Package Method Count
com.helpshift 1088

Memory usage

Helpshift API launch Java heap memory (in approx.MB) Total memory usage(in approx MB)
showFAQs 4.40 95-105
showConversation (conversational mode) 5.80 135

This memory impact will also depend on the device OS and memory configurations on which your app is running.

Tested with a demo app on Google Pixel 4A running Android 11.