Impact Analysis

For every release of the SDK, this page tracks the impact of the SDK on various build and runtime aspects of your application.

App Launch Time

Since all the Helpshift initialization takes place on a background thread, the Helpshift SDK does not affect app launch times.


Performed on macOS 11.4, with Xcode 12.5.1 and iOS 15.1 (iPhone XR). Memory Usage will increase with number of messages in a conversation.

Disk space

This is the amount of disk space the xcframework takes up.

The size of the xcframework is 6.6 MB for device and 4.7 MB for the simulator. Total size is 11.3 MB.

The breakage is as follows:

Architecture Size (MB) Device Size (MB) Simulator
arm64 3.09 3.17
armv7 2.98 NA
i386 NA 5.32
x86_64 NA 5.89

When an iOS app is integrated with HelpshiftX.xcframework, the increase in the size of IPA file is around 240 KB.

Ram usage

Helpshift's Chat screen (showConversation:)
adds 4.6 MB (This depends on number of messages on the chat screen).
Helpshift's FAQs screen (showFAQs:)
adds 3.9 MB.