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Release Notes

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October 26, 2013

Release notes:

  • Fixed UI issue that causes the view to cut off if UINavigationBar translucency is set to NO
  • Bug fixes
  • UI fixes


October 18, 2013

Release notes:

  • Automatically tag issues when they are reported from the SDK. Learn how
  • Updated how localization is implemented. See the changes
  • Added support for arm64 architecture
  • Critical UI fix for FAQ search
  • Bug fix for Vimeo video rendering in FAQs


October 4, 2013

Release notes:

  • Critical fix for a bug introduced in 2.6.0 that caused intermittent crashes (race condition)
  • Minor UI bug fixes


September 25, 2013

Release notes:

  • Critical fix for a search UI issue in 3.1.0


September 24, 2013

Release notes:

  • Added Japanese and Korean language support
  • Fixed an edge case with fetching FAQs after app update
  • Minor UI bug fixes


September 13, 2013

Release notes:

  • iOS 7 support for iPhone, iPad, and iPod (requires Xcode 5)
  • New skinning plist format
  • Fixed iPad issues on iOS 7 from v3.0.0 rc 1
  • iPad now uses UIModalPresentationFullScreen instead of UIModalPresentationFormSheet

Known issues: FAQs may load improperly if the user closes the app immediately after opening the help button Light search bar colors don't work well with the search bar UI skinning


September 3, 2013

Release notes:

  • Handled in-app notifications for migration to Apple's identifierForVendor
  • Handled edge cases with customer issues when migrating to Apple's identifierForVendor


August 29, 2013

Release notes:

  • Now using Apple's identifierForVendor for iOS 6+ instead of OpenUDID
  • FAQ support for right-to-left languages on the SDK
  • Started collecting data for FAQ and report an issue analytics