Release Notes

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March 27, 2019

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a crash which sometimes occurs during fetching of FAQs.


Nov 29, 2018

Release Notes:

  • Introduced a new UI for CSAT and feedback forms. Users can now rate and provide feedback from the same form.
  • Improved in-app FAQ search by making it faster and memory efficient.
  • The FAQ search string is now highlighted in FAQ page.
  • Fixed a bug where a resolution request was shown an additional time if the user reinstalled the app.


Oct 1, 2018

Release Notes:

  • Added support for macOS version 10.14 Mojave.
  • Added API for dynamically switching the Helpshift themes file.
  • Opted out of OS level Dark mode support.
  • Added HelpshiftConfigDark plist file for default Dark mode support.
  • Dropped support for macOS version 10.9.


June 1, 2018

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug where additional agent message text was not getting rendered for screenshot requests.
  • Fixed a bug where sdk would make multiple network requests to download an attachment.
  • Fixed a serialization bug that could cause a crash at app launch.
  • Fixed a bug where sdk would make a request to download an attachment even if it was already present locally.
  • Fixed a bug where sdk would ask the user for keychain permission multiple times even if the user denies the first request.


December 19, 2017

Release Notes:

  • The SDK now supports logging to the console to debug integration Issues. View
  • The SDK now supports logging to a file to debug production Issues. View


September 19, 2017

Release Notes:

  • Helpshift now supports macOS v10.12, 10.13-beta (Other OS versions supported: v10.10 and v10.11).
  • Helpshift's window title is now customizable.
  • Added measures to prevent important DB files from being deleted at runtime by the end user.
  • Added accessibility labels for FAQ and Conversation screen experiences.
  • Added keyboard navigation support for FAQ and Conversation screen experiences.
  • Added toolbar with left and left and right arrow on Conversation screen to navigate from search results screen.
  • Added attachment support for popular non-image file types (.doc, .txt, .rtf, .log, .mov, .qt, .zip, .pdf) in addition to existing image file types (png, jpeg, jpg, tiff, etc).
  • Added a configuration to enforce compulsory CSAT after ending a Conversation. View
  • Added support for showing local notifications for resolved Issues.
  • Improved RTL UX handling for all Helpshift screens.
  • UX enhancements for new issue details.
  • Links in Agent and user messages are now highlighted and clickable.
  • String Resources are now bundled with the framework.
  • Made changes to avoid directing users to the search screen if no matching results are found when showSearchOnNewConversation is true and when there are no recommended FAQs found.
  • Made Conversation input area scrollable.
  • Updated the end user message character limit to 5000.
  • Enhanced on-tap behavior for notifications. If a user clicks on a local notification(due to new incoming agent messages), the Helpshift chat window will open up even if it was minimised earlier.
  • Handled a scenario where a protected resource was being deleted in macOS High Sierra
  • Fixed scrolling issue when pasting large amount of text on new Conversations screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the FAQ suggestions screen (using showSearchOnNewConversation) displays content from the Issue details even if the Issue message is lengthy.
  • Fixed notification and Agent response behavior that broke when toggling from Conversation -> FAQ -> Conversation.
  • Fixed a bug where application would crash if the Agent reply contained HTML content, including links.
  • Fixed a gotoConversationAfterContactUs configuration that was not working in both showConversation and showFAQs APIs.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the message retry action to not be reachable via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed uncaught ObjC exception, reason: setObjectForKey: object cannot be nil (key: profile-id)
  • Fixed uncaught ObjC exception, reason: Key is missing or has been deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused RTL text to appear clipped.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred if the app's keychain was deleted during the execution of the install call.
  • Fixed crash cases that occurred when a key was missing from the app's keychain.
  • Fixed a bug where email addresses with top level domain greater than 3 characters are reported as invalid email addresses.
  • Fixed an exception preventing "key is missing or deleted" from being thrown for login use case.
  • Fixed focus from getting lost after selecting CSAT rating.
  • Fixed a scenario where the feedback view loses input focus after star rating and mouse are quickly hovered over.
  • Fixed a crash where a user has no usable keychains in a directory that can be accessed by a sandboxed application. hsKeychainErrorTitle and hsKeychainErrorMessage keys can be used to change the error title/message shown in this scenario.


June 29, 2016

Release Notes:

  • Added support for OS X 10.9
  • Fixed a bug related to theming of helpshift branding view.


June 21, 2016

Release Notes:

  • First release of Helpshift SDK for macOS