This is a beta SDK

Skinning & Customization

Customize the Helpshift SDK to completely match the look and feel of your app.

Using Helpshift.Theme.xml

Default values for customisations are applied to Helpshift SDK. However if there is a conflicting property, then the value in Helpshift.Theme.xml will take precedence.

For example: If the app uses default windows theme to change the colour of Navigation Bar title and also specifies a colour for the same property in the Helpshift.Theme.xml file, then the value in xml will be used.


If you want to customize your SDK integration's typeface, colors or background images, read the instructions in the section Theming and Skinning. It is done via simple key-value pairs in a xml file.

Theming and Skinning

To skin your app, make sure you add Helpshift.Theme.xml into your visual studio project and set values for attributes in Helpshift.Theme.xml

Colors are specified in RGB hex format, e.g. FF0000 is Red

Sample Code from Helpshift.Theme.xml :