This is a beta SDK

Getting Started

Pre- requisites

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 : Version 14.0.24720.00 Update1

  2. Visual Studio Tools for Universal Windows App 14.0.24720.00

Get the latest stable Helpshift SDK for Windows 10

Download SDK v1.0.0

Install references and add SDK reference

  1. Install the sqlite support for the universal windows apps. This is a vsix file which installs a visual studio extension. This can be found here under dependencies folder in the setup folder. /Dependencies/sqlite-uap-3100200.vsix
  2. Add reference to this sqlite package
  3. Install the dependent NuGet packages. Following list shows the dependent packages with the required version numbers:
    • Newtonsoft.Json(7.0.1)
    • NotificationsExtensions.Win10(10586.0.0)
    • SQLite.Net-PCL(3.1.1)
    • SQLite.Net.Async-PCL(3.1.1)
  4. Copy the contents from the targeted platform folder to the dependencies folder of the project. platform i.e. ARM, x86 or x64

    For example:

    If your project is of Platform x86 & Configuration Release Then copy the contents of \Helpshift.Windows10.SDK.<VersionNumber>\x86\Release\ to the Dependencies folder inside the project.

  5. Add reference to HelpShift.Windows10.SDK.DLL from the dependencies folder.

Your application may or may not have dependencies folder. If not, create a folder named dependencies under the solution.

Add Localisation Reference

Copy the \Helpshift.Windows10.SDK.<VersionNumber>\Resources folder from setup to the application folder. Include the Resources folder to the project.

Add Themeing Reference

Copy the \Helpshift.Windows10.SDK.<VersionNumber>\Helpshift.Theme.xml file from setup folder to the application folder.

Include the Helpshift.Theme.xml file into the project via Visual Studio's Include File to Project option.

Start using Helpshift

Helpshift is now integrated in your app and ready to collect meaningful data about your users.

Initializing Helpshift in your app

Helpshift uniquely identifies each registered App using a combination of 3 tokens:

Your unique developer API Key
Domain Name
Your Helpshift domain name without any http: or slashes. E.g. happyapps if your account is
App ID
Your App's unique ID

You can find these tokens by navigating to Settings>SDK (for Developers) in your agent dashboard. Select your App and the correct platform from the dropdowns and copy the 3 tokens to be passed when initializing Helpshift.

Initialize Helpshift by calling the Helpshift.Windows10.SDK.Helpshift's install function:


using hs = Helpshift.Windows10.SDK.Helpshift ;
hs.Install(<apikey>,  <domain>,  <appId>);

Known issues

  1. When conversation is resolved and conversation is followed up, bit delay observed to reopen the issue.

  2. FAQs loading is delayed sometimes. (Happens rarely depending upon the network).

  3. When app is killed and relaunched, application takes few seconds to relaunch the app.

  4. Message alert seen after filing an issue is bit large in landscape mode.