Upgrading from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0

The Helpshift SDK v2.5.0 is a major update and we have deprecated some APIs. If you have questions or feedback, please Contact Us

List of deprecated APIs

Deprecated API New API
HelpshiftCampaigns.CountOfUnreadMessages(); HelpshiftCampaigns.RequestUnreadCampaignsMessagesCount()

Show count of unread campaign messages

On SDK version 2.5.0, you can retrieve the unread campaigns messages count and display the count as shown below:

Example Code:

public class CustomCampaignsDelegate : Java.Lang.Object, Com.Helpshift.Xamarin.Campaigns.IHelpshiftCampaignsDelegate 
    public override void DidReceiveUnreadMessagesCount(int count)
        // Your code here

HelpshiftCampaigns.SetCampaignsDelegate(new CustomCampaignsDelegate());