Follow this guide if you want to customize emails sent to your customers to match your branding.

Email Support Channels

All the emails sent from Helpshift to your customers can be customized via Email Support Channels. To view, edit or create your email support channels, navigate to Settings>Email Support.

Goto Settings
Click Email Support from the side navigation
This is where you can edit or add new email support channels

Customizing your Emails

An email support channel allows you to customize the following -

From name used in the emails
From address used in the emails
The design of the email itself via custom templates

In addition, an email support channel let's you match a web/email issue to itself and customize the auto-reponse and the email template to be used.

1 Auto-response
Setup an auto-response text for web/email issues matching this channel
2 Forwarding addresses
Emails forwarded to support@<your-domain>.mail.helpshift.com will be associated with this support channel
3 App association
If a customer files an issue from your web support portal, and selects this app, the resulting issue is matched with this support channel
3 Custom template
Turn this ON if you wish to use a custom html/text email template for emails sent to your customers.

Using a custom email template

To learn more about writing a custom email template for your email support channel, see the guide here.