Upgrading to 5.0.0 and above

From SDK 5.0.0 release, Helpshift SDK is available in the following forms:

  1. Standard SDK - In-app Customer Service

  2. Campaigns-enabled SDK (Proactive In-app Customer Service)

In order to use SDK 5.x for your app, Helpshift recommends you to follow the steps, depending upon the usage of Campaigns and the type of SDK. For any queries or feedback, please Contact Us

If you are looking to upgrade from a version older than 5.x, Make sure to go through the upgrade guides for 1.6.x, 1.7.x and 1.9.x

Upgrade scenarios

You currently use Helpshift's default SDK (Example: 4.1.0) but you are not using Helpshift Campaigns feature

  1. If you are using any Campaigns API from HelpshiftCocos2dx.cpp file then compilation will fail. You will need to remove all such usages.

You currently use Helpshift's default SDK (Example: 4.1.0) and Helpshift Campaigns feature

  1. Integrate Campaigns-enabled plugin.
  2. Import HelpshiftCocos2dxCampaigns.h in your scene where you want to use Campaigns API.
  3. Use HelpshiftCocos2dxCampaigns namespace instead of HelpshiftCocos2dx to make Campaigns API calls. For example :