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Getting Started

You're 3 steps away from adding great in-app support to your Unreal Engine game.

Guide to integrating the Unreal Engine plugin for the Helpshift SDK X.


  • Unreal 4.18 and above.
  • Supported Android OS versions: 16 and above
  • Supported iOS versions: iOS 15, 14, 13, 12 and 11

Download Helpshift Unreal SDK

SDK X - In-app Customer Service

Helpshift SDK .zip folder includes:

HelpshiftSDKUnreal Engine plugin package of Helpshift SDK X

Add Helpshift to your Unreal project

  • Unzip the Helpshift Unreal SDK package.
  • Copy the plugin (HelpshiftSDK) directory into [YOUR_PROJECT]/Plugins directory
  • After that, once you reopen your project, the plugin should appear in the Plugins section

Initializing Helpshift in your app

  1. First, create an app on the Helpshift Dashboard

  2. Create an app with Android and iOS as selected Platform

Helpshift uniquely identifies each registered App with a combination of 2 tokens:

Domain NameYour Helpshift domain. E.g.
Platform IDYour App's unique platform id (App's App Id on dashboard is your platform Id)
You can find these by navigating to `Settings`>`SDK (for Developers)` in your agent dashboard. Select your App and _check Android as a platform_ from the dropdowns and copy the 2 tokens to be passed when initializing Helpshift.

You should now go to the Project Settings -> Helpshift SDK and configure your specific project fields. Copy the domain and platformId from the dashboard. __

The Drawable Path and Sound Path settings are used if you want to customize the notification icons and/or sound on Android. The contents of those folders will be copied for use as android resource files.

Call the Init function before any other interaction with the Helpshift SDK (preferably in the EventConstruct call)


The Init call takes a map of the additional parameters. All of the parameters are optional, which means you can pass an empty map. The meaning of different keys and their possible values for Android can be found here


Android OS version Support

Calling Init below android SDK version 21 will not work. All the APIs will be non operable.

Start using Helpshift

Helpshift is now integrated in your app. You should now use the support APIs for conversation screens inside your app.


Since the Helpshift plugin is meant for mobile devices only, you should put all Helpshift calls inside conditional checks to make sure they are only called when running on a device.