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Privacy Info Manifest

Within the SDK, you'll discover a privacy manifest file located at helpshift-plugin-sdkx-unreal-v10.3.0/HelpshiftSDK/Source/ThirdParty/IOS/HelpshiftX_Static.embeddedframework/HelpshiftX_Static.framework/PrivacyInfo.xcprivacy. To incorporate the necessary adjustments, developers can integrate the modifications from the SDK's privacy manifest file into their app's manifest.

Changing Unreal Engine Version

If the developer is using some different unreal engine version then they should modify the uplugin file and change the engine version there, too

userClickOnAction Delegate Issue with Call Action Card

iOS 13 users may encounter a problem where the userClickOnAction delegate fails to trigger when clicking on the Call action card in the Helpshift interface. This prevents the application from receiving expected data, such as the action type and relevant phone numbers. Despite correct integration and delegate setup, the Helpshift SDK may not behave as expected on iOS 13 devices, causing a disruption in the user experience. Users on iOS 13 may experience limitations in the functionality associated with the Call action card.