SDK integration

Using AndroidX support libraries

Helpshift Unity SDK X uses legacy android support libraries. If you want to use AndroidX libraries in your application please follow these steps to make Helpshift SDK compatible with AndroidX:

  1. We recommend to use the standalone jetifier tool mentioned here.
  2. To install Jetifier, download the zip file and extract it. Your development environment must have Java version 1.8 installed.
  3. Use standalone jetifier tool to manually jetify the Helpshift library files: <project>/Assets/Plugins/Android/Helpshift.aar
  4. Replace the existing Helpshift.aar files with the files generated from the standalone jetifier tool.


./jetifier-standalone -i <input path>Helpshift.aar -o <output path>/Helpshift.aar

Resolving AndroidX library dependencies:

  • When using Unity Jar Resolver plugin to resolve support library requirements:

Update the <project>/Assets/Helpshift/Editor/HelpshiftDependencies.xml to use the androidx libraries:

<androidPackage spec=""> </androidPackage>
  • When using Gradle to resolve support library requirements:

Update dependencies section of the <project>/Assets/Plugins/Android/mainTemplate.gradle or build.gradle file to use the androidx libraries as:

dependencies {
compile ''

After all these changes, run a clean build of your app and verify all the UI screens work as expected.