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Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x

Helpshift’s Legacy SDKs (SDK Version <=7.x.x) reached their end of life on 31 Dec 2022, and end of support on 31 March 2023. Please upgrade to the Latest SDK if you haven't already.

Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x

The Helpshift SDK v3.x is a major update that unifies the Report an Issue and Issues Inbox into a single Conversation interface. We've also cleaned up our API calls. If you have questions or feedback, please Contact Us


  1. Download the latest Helpshift SDK here.
  2. Follow the instructions on Adding the latest stable release of the SDK to your project
  3. Important Note: From v3.x, all Helpshift calls are now static. You no longer need to initialize the helpshift object. You can directly use Helpshift.install(...);. Helpshift.showFAQs(...); now presents the full support screen. hs.showReportIssue(...); is no longer available. Use Helpshift.showConversation(...); instead.
  4. Replace any other API calls which are no longer available with the new ones below.
  5. You're now good to go with Helpshift SDK v3.x.

What changed

  • We've cleaned up our API calls to be more descriptive and more consistent across our iOS and Android SDKs. Basic implementation has been simplified to Contact Us and FAQ use cases (Helpshift.showConversation(...); and Helpshift.showFAQs(...); respectively).

  • Make it easier for your app users to contact you when they are in trouble. There's a flag to persist Contact Us across all FAQ screens

  • No more issue inbox, we've unified the conversation interface into a single channel. The UI is simpler for app users. They always know where to get in touch with you or continue the conversation.

  • If app users find your FAQ not helpful, they can contact you to tell you why.

  • Updated strings and translations.

List of API changes

2.x APInew API
hs.showReportIssue(...); and hs.showInbox(...);Helpshift.showConversation(...);
hs.setUsername(...); and hs.setUseremail();Helpshift.setNameAndEmail(...);
hs.clearUserData();Now removed

All support screen API calls now have API options.