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Upgrading to 7.5.0 and above

Helpshift’s Legacy SDKs (SDK Version <=7.x.x) reached their end of life on 31 Dec 2022, and end of support on 31 March 2023. Please upgrade to the Latest SDK if you haven't already.

Upgrading to 7.5.0 and above

In order to use SDK 7.5.0 for your app, Helpshift recommends you to follow the below steps. If you have questions or feedback, please Contact Us


If you are looking to upgrade from a version older than 7.x, please make sure to go through the upgrade guides for 6.x and 4.x

Download the SDK from here.

You will need to update integration code to use "Support.getInstance()" in the Helpshift initialisation call.

If your codebase has references to Campaigns code, then the compilation fails after the upgrade. You will need to remove all the references to Campaigns code from the codebase.

Following are the changes:

  1. Replace the Core.install(All.getInstance()) call with Core.install(Support.getInstance())
  2. Remove all references to Campaigns apis from code

import com.helpshift.Core;
import com.helpshift.InstallConfig;
import com.helpshift.exceptions.InstallException;
InstallConfig installConfig = new InstallConfig.Builder().build();
try {
} catch (InstallException e) {
Log.e(TAG, "invalid install credentials : ", e);

If you use Helpshift's English-only SDK

  • You can trim the SDK to reduce the SDK size impact on your app further by using only resources of select languages.
  • Follow the instructions as mentioned above to upgrade to 7.5.0 or above, depending on the type of SDK you use.
  • The following gradle script allows you to keep only "english" and "french" resources and remove others from 3rd party libraries in the application.
android {
defaultConfig {
resConfigs "en", "fr"