Helpshift APIs

Reset Timeout

Reset timeout denotes the number of hours of inactivity after which the conversation resets. The default value is 12 hours. But if you want to reduce or increase the timeout, you can change it by mentioning the value in helpshiftConfig at the time of initialization.

For example:

// Make this change to the embed code placed before the closing </body> tag.

window.helpshiftConfig = {
  platformId: "<YOUR_APP_ID>",
  domain: "<YOUR_DOMAIN>",
  resetTimeout: 24 // Example: 24 hours

Reset Conversation

The default use case for the Helpshift Web Chat is a “public” use case. This means that Helpshift does not clear the chat immediately, and the conversation can persist until the timeout. But if you wish to support a logged-in use case, they can reset the conversation by calling the following API when the user logs out.


Open Widget

If you want to open the conversation window at any time (apart from an explicit user click on launcher button), they can do it by calling the following API. This could be useful for triggering proactive help.


Close Widget

Similarly, for closing the conversation window at any time, you can call the following API.