Getting Started

Adding Helpshift Web Chat into your website is really easy. Follow this step-by-step guide to finish your setup within a minute.


Helpshift’s Web Chat widget allows you to provide a live chat experience on your website. It just takes one line of JavaScript to embed Web Chat on your website.

Before you begin

In your Helpshift Dashboard, make sure you've added Web Chat as a platorm supported by your App. Here's how to do it.

Add the Web Chat embed code

You can find a prepared embed code for your App at Settings > App > Web Chat. show me Place the embed code just before the closing </body> tag of your page.

Skip to next step if you've done this.

Manually adding the embed code

In case you don't have a prepared embed code, add this snippet just before the closing </body> tag of your page:

  (function () {
        DOMAIN = "<YOUR_DOMAIN>";

    window.helpshiftConfig = {
      platformId: PLATFORM_ID,
      domain: DOMAIN
  }) ();

  !function(t,e){if("function"!=typeof window.Helpshift){var n=function(){n.q.push(arguments)};n.q=[],window.Helpshift=n;var i,a=t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];if(t.getElementById(e))return;i=t.createElement("script"),i.async=!0,,i.src="";var o=function(){window.Helpshift("init")};window.attachEvent?i.attachEvent("onload",o):i.addEventListener("load",o,!1),a.parentNode.insertBefore(i,a)}else window.Helpshift("update")}(document,"hs-chat");
  1. Replace YOUR_DOMAIN with your Helpshift domain. For example, happyapps if your dashboard sits at
  2. Replace YOUR_PLATFORM_ID with details found at Settings > SDKs (for Developers) show me

Start using Helpshift Web Chat

Helpshift Web Chat is now available on your website. Test it out by starting a chat.

Make sure Show Web Chat Widget is enabled under Settings > App > Web Chat. show me

Supported Browser Versions

The Helpshift Web Chat widget currently supports the latest versions of following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Mobile Safari
  • Mobile Chrome


If you are having issues with your Web Chat integration, head over to the Troubleshooting section for further help.

Next up

After you've successfully tested out a chat, dive into these advanced topics -

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