Widget Configuration

Helpshift allows you to configure the Web Chat widget by passing configuration options in the helpshiftConfig object.

Widget Options

To configure the widget's behavior, you'll need to add widgetOptions to the Embed Code. All of the widget specific options go here.

(function () {
  // The following part remains as it is in the Embed Code.

  window.helpshiftConfig = {
    platformId: PLATFORM_ID,
    domain: DOMAIN

  /* Widget Options Start */
  helpshiftConfig.widgetOptions = {
    // All widget specific options go here.
  /* Widget Options End */
}) ();

Enable Fullscreen View for Pop-ups

If you want to open the widget in full screen mode on a non-mobile device, you can pass through the fullScreen option in widgetOptions.

helpshiftConfig.widgetOptions = {
  // ...
  fullScreen: true

On mobile devices and on low resolution tablets and desktops, the widget will open in full screen mode.

Show/Hide Launcher

You can hide the default launcher and use your own launcher. You can control opening and closing of the conversation window using the open and close APIs. Add the following option in widgetOptions to hide the default launcher.

helpshiftConfig.widgetOptions = {
  // ...
  showLauncher: false

Widget Position

To set the widget's position, provide the position option in widgetOptions. Values allowed for position are:

  • bottom-right
  • bottom-left
  • top-left
  • top-right

The default value is bottom-right.

helpshiftConfig.widgetOptions = {
  // ...
  position: "bottom-left"

Widget z-index

By default, Web Chat assigns a large z-index value to its widget (the launcher and conversation window). If you want to use a custom value of z-index for Web Chat, you can do so by setting the zIndex option in widgetOptions. You can only use a number with this option.

helpshiftConfig.widgetOptions = {
  // ...
  zIndex: 50


You can configure the Web Chat's greeting and color scheme directly from the Helpshift Dashboard. For more details, refer to For Support Admins: Configure the User Experience in our Knowledge Base.


Bots can be enabled in Web Chat to automatically provide help and gather information from users to help your Agents resolve Issues faster. Helpshift has 3 default Bots:

  • QuickSearch Bot - deflect common problems by automatically suggesting relevant FAQs to users
  • Identity Bot - prompt your users for their name and/or email before they create an issue
  • CSAT Bot - automatically ask for feedback after an Issue is resolved

For more details, refer to Set Up Your Web Chat Bots in our Knowledge Base.

Full Privacy

In the helpshiftConfig object at the time of initialization, setting the fullPrivacy option to true ensures COPPA compliance by:

  • Disabling user-initiated screenshots (users will not be able to attach files, including images, using Web Chat).
  • Making sure that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as name and email are not collected by Web Chat (using Identity Bot and/or the helpshiftConfig object). This means that if you set userName and userEmail, with fullPrivacy set to true, Helpshift will not use the userName and userEmail values.

Moreover, in scenarios where the user attaches objectionable content, it becomes a huge COPPA compliance concern. This option helps to solve this problem.

If you are creating issues with the fullPrivacy option set to true, then don’t use New Issue Automation (Refer here) to auto-resolve them on the Agent dashboard. [Use Time based Automation (Refer here) instead]

Example Embed Code

var PLATFORM_ID = "foo",
    DOMAIN = "bar";

window.helpshiftConfig = {
  platformId: PLATFORM_ID,
  domain: DOMAIN,
  // other options, if applicable
  fullPrivacy: true