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Migration guide to Support SDK from Campaigns SDK

To migrate from Campaigns SDK to Support SDK please follow the steps mentioned below -


If you are using the Campaigns SDK and want to upgrade to Support SDK then we highly recommend you to upgrade to our latest version.

  • Remove all Campaigns SDK related files added to your Unity project. These include all the files under Assets/Helpshift/ directory.
  • Remove all API calls made in your Unity project which are related to Campaigns feature.
  • Import Support SDK unitypackage to your Unity project. If you are integrating same version of Support SDK as to Campaigns SDK then integration steps will be similar to how Campaigns SDK was integrated in your Unity project. If you are integrating latest Support SDK please follow integration guide here.
  • If you have been installing Helpshift via ObjC API then after integrating Support SDK, make sure you add correct install call. Use [HelpshiftCore initializeWithProvider:[HelpshiftSupport sharedInstance]]; instead of [HelpshiftCore initializeWithProvider:[HelpshiftAll sharedInstance]];.