Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x

The Helpshift SDK v3.x is a major update and we have deprecated some APIs. If you have questions or feedback, please Contact Us

Please replace all the old files with new files.

List of deprecated APIs

Deprecated API New API
HelpshiftCore#SetNameAndEmail(string name, string email) HelpshiftCore#Login(HelpshiftUser user)
HelpshiftSupport#SetUserIdentifier(string userIdentifier) HelpshiftCore#Login(HelpshiftUser user)
HelpshiftCore#Login(String userId, String name, String email) HelpshiftCore#Login(HelpshiftUser user)
HelpshiftCore.Install(string apiKey, string domainName, string appId, Dictionary installConfig) HelpshiftCore.Install(string apiKey, string domainName, string appId, HelpshiftInstallConfig config)
HelpshiftSupport.ShowFAQs(Object uiParent, Dictionary apiConfig) HelpshiftSupport.ShowFAQs(Object uiParent, HelpshiftAPIConfig config)
HelpshiftSupport.ShowFAQSection(string sectionId, Object uiParent, Dictionary apiConfig) HelpshiftSupport.ShowFAQSection(string sectionId, Object uiParent, HelpshiftAPIConfig config)
HelpshiftSupport.ShowConversation(Object uiParent, Dictionary apiConfig) HelpshiftSupport.ShowConversation(Object uiParent, HelpshiftAPIConfig config)
HelpshiftSupport.ShowSingleFAQ(string faqId, Object uiParent, Dictionary apiConfig) HelpshiftSupport.ShowSingleFAQ(string faqId, Object uiParent, HelpshiftAPIConfig config)
HelpshiftSupport.GetNotificationCount(bool isAsync) HelpshiftSupport.RequestUnreadMessagesCount(bool isRemote)
HelpshiftSupport.SetSDKLanguage(string locale) HelpshiftCore.SetLanguage(string languageCode)
HelpshiftSupport.ShowDynamicForm(Object uiParent, string title, Dictionary[] flows) HelpshiftSupport.ShowDynamicForm(Object uiParent, string title, IList flows, HelpshiftAPIConfig config)
HelpshiftSupport.IsConversationActive() HelpshiftSupport.CheckIfConversationActive()
HelpshiftCampaigns.ShowInbox(Object uiParent, Dictionary apiConfig) HelpshiftCampaigns.ShowInbox(Object uiParent, HelpshiftAPIConfig config)

List of Removed APIs

Removed API New API
InternalHsApiDefinition.IHelpshiftInboxMessage InboxMessage
HelpshiftInbox.SetInboxMessageDelegate(InternalHsApiDefinition.HelpshiftInboxDelegate delegate) HelpshiftInbox.SetInboxMessageDelegate(IInboxMessageDelegate delegate);
HelpshiftCampaigns.SetInboxMessageDelegate(InternalHsApiDefinition.HelpshiftInboxDelegate delegate) HelpshiftCampaigns.SetInboxMessageDelegate(IInboxMessageDelegate delegate);
HelpshiftInbox.SetInboxNotificationDelegate(InternalHsApiDefinition.HelpshiftInboxNotificationDelegate delegate); HelpshiftInbox.SetInboxNotificationDelegate(IInboxNotificationDelegate delegate);
HelpshiftCampaigns.SetCampaignsDelegate(InternalHsApiDefinition.HelpshiftCampaignsDelegate); HelpshiftCampaigns.SetCampaignsDelegate(ICampaignsDelegate delegate);
HelpshiftSupport.SetDelegate(InternalHsApiDefinition.HelpshiftSupportDelegate delegate); HelpshiftSupport.SetDelegate(ISupportDelegate delegate);

Logging in users

You can login your users using the new Login API.

  • Users will be able to continue speaking on an open issue only if you were using the Login API. If you were using setUserIdentifier (now deprecated), if the user has an open Issue, using the login API will result in the creation of a new Issue. However, the previous Issue will be available to Agents under 'Other Issues'
  • Users will be able to see messages in the Campaigns Inbox only if you were using the Login API. If you were using the setUserIdentifier API (now deprecated), using the Login API will result in the creation of a new logged-in user and therefore a new Campaign Inbox. However, the user will be able to see messages in the Campaigns Inbox when you call Logout (and if the anonymous user hasn't been cleared via the clearAnonymousUser API)

Setting Name and email

It is expected that you will pass the user's name, email using the Login API.

Setting User Identifier

It is expected that you will pass the user identifier using the Login API.