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Reviews & Feedback

Request your users to submit reviews for your app in the store, and get in touch with you for any feedback

Manually show App Rating alertview

Use the showAlertToRateAppWithURL:withCompletionBlock: to display an alertview, which prompts the user to rate your app, or send feedback. The alertview is not shown if you give a nil url.

The Send Feedback button takes the user to Conversation screen.

In this way, you can reduce possible negative reviews into genuine problems to be solved.

If you want to change the strings used in this alert view, head over to String Customization under Design.

Example usage:

[HelpshiftSupport showAlertToRateAppWithURL:@"itms-apps://itunes.apple.com/app/id12345678"
                        withCompletionBlock:^(HelpshiftSupportAlertToRateAppAction action) {
     switch(action) {
         case HelpshiftSupportAlertToRateAppActionClose:
         case HelpshiftSupportAlertToRateAppActionFeedback:
         case HelpshiftSupportAlertToRateAppActionSuccess:
             NSLog(@"Rate App");
         case HelpshiftSupportAlertToRateAppActionFail:
             NSLog(@"Alert did not show");

An app store URL should look like itms-apps://itunes.apple.com/app/id12345678 where 12345678 is your Apple app ID (which is also shown in the iTunes Preview URL). This app store URL format will work for both iOS 6 & 7.

Automatic app ratings

Automatic app ratings is not available for SDK version 4.4.0 (only)

Automatic app ratings can be triggered on two kinds of events:

  • after a specific number of app launches
  • after a specific number of days since the first app launch

To enable automatic app ratings, navigate to SDK Configurations for your app in agent dashboard and select a value from Ask for app rating after every dropdown.

Automatic app ratings, if enabled via admin, will be shown once per app version. You can update the review URL for your app via SDK Configurations in agent dashboard.

Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction survey prompts your app users to rate their customer support experience with your agents. Enabling it, sends out a 5-star customer service rating request to your customers when an issue is resolved.

To enable it, go to Settings in your agent dashboard, and then under app settings, select your app. You can enable Customer satisfaction survey from under SDK Configurations.

When an issue is resolved, and your customer accepts the resolution, then a Customer Satisfaction screen is shown.

Your customer can also (optionally) give feedback to help you improve the quality of your service.