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Upgrading to 7.5.0 and above

Helpshift’s Legacy SDKs (SDK Version <=7.x.x) reached their end of life on 31 Dec 2022, and end of support on 31 March 2023. Please upgrade to the Latest SDK if you haven't already.

Upgrading to 7.5.0 and above


When upgrading to 7.5.x, please replace all the old files with new files. If you have made changes in the HelpshiftLocalizable.strings or HelpshiftConfig.plist file, please make sure to port over those changes to the new versions.

If you are looking to upgrade from a version older than 7.x, please make sure to go through the Upgrade guides for 6.x, 6.2, 6.0 and 5.x

Manual integration

When you integrate SDK manually, remove all the old SDK files and add the Standard SDK zip file in your app. Integration Guide


If you are using cocoapods for integration, then there is no need to update or modify any file. Integration Guide

If your code-base has references to Campaigns code, then the compilation fails after the upgrade. You will need to remove all the references to Campaigns code from the code-base.

Following are the changes:

  1. Remove any HelpshiftCampaigns.h imports.
  2. Remove any HelpshiftAll.h imports.
  3. Remove any HelpshiftInbox.h imports.
  4. Replace [HelpshiftCore initializeWithProvider:[HelpshiftAll sharedInstance]] call with [HelpshiftCore initializeWithProvider:[HelpshiftSupport sharedInstance]] call.

Drop iOS 9 support

With version 7.5.0, Helpshift SDK has dropped support for iOS 9. If you wish to keep supporting iOS 9 devices for your apps, please read the KB Article to support Helpshift on older OS versions.


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